Sarah Cockburn
Customer Service Specialist Team Leader
Accounts Manager

E-Mail: Sarah Cockburn

Personal Profile:
Sarah has been working with Woodland since early 2007.  She is our Accounts Manager, Customer Service Supervisor and the right arm of the practice.  She grew up and resides in Okmulgee.  She has a twin sister named Rachel and three adorable nephews, Drake, Jackson and Luke. She has three dogs, three cats, three Miniature Horses and a Pintaloosa mare. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, spending time outdoors and fishing. 


Andrea Ward
Customer Service Specialist

Personal Profile:
Andrea works with us full-time while attending Rogers State University Paramedic program. She has hopes of attending either medical school or veterinary school in the future.

Ashley Quinton
Customer Service Specialist

Personal Profile:
Ashley joined us in the summer of 2012.  She is married to Kevin and has 3 daughters: Peightin, Hunter & Kruze.  She also has a small farm with 6 dogs, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese.

She enjoys baking with her hubby and makes INCREDIBLE gourmet cupcakes! 

Kimberly ClarkKimberly.jpg
Customer Service Specialist

Personal Profile:
Kimberly attends Kansas State University (her father's alma mater) full-time while  working for us part-time.  She will major in Veterinary Medicine.  She is pictured here with Gus, her Belgian Shepherd.

Kala Runyon
Customer Service Specialist

Personal Profile:
Kala has been working as a Customer Service Specialist in the Veterinary Field since 2011.  She is currently employed full-time with one of our Veterinary Hospital friends, but works with us a couple of days a week.  She belongs to a feline named Possum, a Brittany Spaniel mix named Felix and 2 Chihuahua crosses (pictured here) Hunter and Indie.


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