Cailin Coulson, Customer Care Representative, CCR TEAM LEAD

I have been working at Woodland West Animal Hospital for almost 5 years. I have grown to love my coworkers and clients so much. It is such a joy to watch the patients grow up right before my eyes. I love working the front desk and sharing in both the laughter as well as tears with our clients navigating the health of their pets. Outside of work, I am the proud mom of a 3 year old boy. I am originally from Atlanta, GA and a dual citizen of both the USA and Ireland. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia and hope to pursue graduate school in the future.

Julie Morgan, Customer Care Representative, PM SHIFT TEAM LEAD

Hi, my name is Julie and I have been a part of the Woodland West family for 4.5 years, time flys when you are having so much fun! My heart is for sure in the customer care area. I always strive to ensure that every client that comes through the front doors of Woodland West has an amazing experience with the reception staff. In the 4 years of me being at Woodland West, I have learned that Woodland West has the best clients around! When I interviewed at Woodland West, I realized how important client care is to Woodland West, and that is what sold me.
I was born here in Tulsa and attended East Central High school. I was raised with a love for animals and a love for helping others. I was taught from a young age how important customer service was from my grandmother who was a well known waitress at Tally’s here in Tulsa for many years. I have held many jobs in the customer service world over the years. I have realized that helping people is my calling in the world! I am currently in school to obtain my bachelor’s degree in social work.

Jessica Rees Esparza, Customer Care Representative, Staff Coordinator 

Hi there. My name is Jessica. I started as a CSR in May of 2019. Not only am I a CSR but I am also Woodland West’s Staff Coordinator. I take care of any celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, staff parties, and the list goes on. I love working with our staff, patients, and clients. It’s a calling for me really.

My husband and I moved out here to Oklahoma in April of 2015 with our 3 dogs and our (at the time) 5-month-old son. We now have 2 perfect boys, Scott and Dean (someone of you may have gotten a chance to meet Scott, he likes to come to work sometimes) We have 3 dogs and a cat. Ruby, (I call her my first born) a 10-year-old Chihuahua, Gus, a 4-year-old Schnauzer, King, a 4-year-old certified MUTT, and Smokey, a Russian Blue that stumbled across the right house one day about a year ago (a stray cat that now has a home).

My family is what I live for. We are active in Youth Skiatook Wrestling, Summer is our time to shine. We love going to the lake, river and any body of water. I enjoy cooking and don’t mind tooting my own horn from time to time. My dream would be to open a restaurant that allows people to bring their pets and enjoy a filling meal (with pet options too). Party planning is also something I really enjoy, hence the Staff Coordinator. I take great pride in my Customer Service ability and strive to make each one of our clients and patients comfortable and cared for. Your pets are ours too, even if it’s for an hour, you are our guest and I intend to make sure you feel special no matter the situation

Tori de Boer, Customer Care Representative

Sheridan Aven, Customer Care Representative

Hi! my name is Sheridan and I am a CSR, I’ve been with woodland west for almost a year now. You can usually find me upfront assisting clients and snuggling puppies. I have a passion for helping animals as well as helping their owners! I plan on going to vet school next year. I love working here and I love seeing all the cute pets that come in. I have a dog named Dirt and a bunny named Sushi, as well as a few fish. Woodland west is an awesome clinic and a wonderful place to work!




Cassandra Irvine, Customer Care Representative, Social Marketing Coordinator

Hello, my name is Cassandra! I handle the social media for our clinic, and can also be found up front welcoming you and your fur baby to the clinic! I graduated from OSU with a degree in Marketing, and I couldn’t have found a better job!

I not only get to work with animals all day, but I also get to handle the social media side of our clinic as well. It is like a dream come true for me. One of my favorite things about Woodland is the family feel you get. Everyone is so kind and welcoming and we try our best to make our clients and patients feel part of our family as well!


Allie Andrews, Customer Care Representative

Hey guys, my name is Allison but you can call me Allie! Most of the time you’ll see me running around helping clients up front or fighting with my curls. If I’m not working or playing with my fur babies you can catch me hanging out with friends and family or playing Sims4 on Xbox. Not only do I love working alongside my sister, Erin, I also love getting to meet all the fur babies that come in! I have two pets that mean the world to me. Miss Layla Grace (2-year-old Shih Tzu mix )and Sassy Jane (8year old boxer mix.). I chose Woodland West Animal Hospital because I love the family dynamic and the customer care that is presented throughout the hospital.


Desteny Penrod, Customer Care Representative

Hello, my name is Desteny and I am a CSR here at Woodland West Animal Hospital. I mostly work in the afternoons. I love everyone here at woodland west, it’s my second family and my home away from home. If I’m not working, you can find me either playing with my pups, my exotics, or you may find me fishing, hunting, or painting. I have two very amazing dogs Blue(Blue is the one pictured) and Evie. They are both my absolute best friends. I have been an employee here since January 25th, 2022. I worked at another veterinary clinic previous to this one and I had gotten experience as a vet technician there but found out I’m very good with clients. I really enjoy being upfront because I’m a huge talker! I am more than happy to talk your ear off! I enjoy seeing all the amazing babies that come in our doors and enjoy when I can make clients smile. The thing I like most about this hospital is being able to come to work and be greeted by my coworkers who are always glad to see me.



Maddie Pitts, Customer Care Representative

Hi, I am Maddie and I am a pretty simple person. I love to draw, so I leave silly little doodles around the clinic for the other members of the clinic to find and enjoy. I use to be a full-time digital artist, I switched to barely part-time to come work at my dream job. I’ve always loved this clinic ever since they went above and beyond for me years ago for my dog, even after they were closed for the night. I’ll never forget that day and will always be thankful. I am so honored to be a part of this team and I look forward to the future here.