Alexis Wallis, Registered Veterinary Technician, Surgical Technician Care Pair with Dr. Yeagley

Alisa Greiner, Registered Veterinary Technician, Care Pair with Dr. Gonzalez

Hi everyone! My name is Alisa and I’m an RVT. My Woodland journey started as an internship over the summer of 2020. I soon fell in love with the clinic and accepted a job at the end of the internship. I started out as a treatment tech taking care of all the sick fur babies. At the beginning of this year I switched to being part of a care pair and now work with Dr. Gonzalez. I love WWAH because I am ALWAYS learning more every day and I get to meet so many cute pumpkins (aka dogs) and smittens (aka cats). When I’m off the clock you can probably count on me to be hanging out at home with my pumpkin Noodle and smitten Smokey, with friends, or my husband ❤. I also love being outside (except when it’s cold) exploring and hiking. Noodle is our 3yo corgi mix. He is quite shy with new people and crazy about squirrels and the dog park.
Smokey is by far my favorite (don’t tell Noodle 😬) From a tiny kitten to 19 years later, she has been my best friend. I might be biased but she is the absolute best cat in the whole world. 😻 If you ask me about her I will talk your ear off about how great she is. 😁

Annastasia Odell, RVT, Treatment Tech

Andrea Westberry, Overnight Treatment Assistant

Bailey Jones, Care Pair with Dr. Heinz

Bailey has been around Woodland since July of 2008. It has always been her dream to work beside Dr. Heinz. She loves all animals (especially the mutts) and has adopted all of hers from Animal aid of Tulsa over the years. She has two dogs: Ellee a 6 year old Aussie mix and Grady a 3 year old Heinz 57 and two precious cats: Harvey, who is the queen of her world, and the cutest siamese named Jinx. She also has a couple rats that are all named after her favorite Harry Potter characters. Bailey enjoys hanging out with friends, drinking a glass of wine or spending time with her sisters and cute little nephews in her free time.

Baylee Cherry, Registered Veterinary Technician, Treatment Tech

Cassidy Sissom, Registered Veterinary Technician, Care Pair with Dr. Bayless

Hi! I’m Cassidy and I’ve been working at Woodland West Animal Hospital for almost a year now! I began my summer internship there last year and started working there ever since! I just recently graduated from the TCC Veterinary Technician and love my job! You can either see me taking care of the hospitalized babies or checking in on rooms. I am a huge dog lover, I have 4. An Auggie, Miniature Australian Shepherd, Blue Heeler, and a pit bull. I also have an indoor cat. Last but not least, I have two horses which are pictured. One on the left is Moneytree which is my rope horse and on the right is Smoker my barrel horse.




Cynthia Fairchild, Care Pair with Dr. Hollingsworth, Assistant Team Lead

Prior to getting involved with animal care, I had worked in retail, restaurants…and even factories, but I never felt like going to work when the alarm went off in the morning. When I was about 20yrs old, I got a job at a no-kill shelter. That’s when I knew this was it, I knew this is what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I started going to school with the intent to make a career out of it, and well here I am, 21 yrs later and still loving it!

Dallas Swan, Veterinary Assistant Level III Triage and Treatment

Hello everyone! I’m Dallas one of our triage techs here at woodland west!
I have a sweet little boy named Denver who is one and a half! I have a little pitty named Pumpkin who I adopted from a previous vet clinic I worked for, she will be 8 this year!
I’ve worked in vet med for 8 years total from being a kennel at a general practice, a vet assistant at a veterinary emergency hospital to where i am now!! I have been apart of the woodland family since October of 2022. I absolutely love animals and making a difference in their lives and also their owners lives. You’ll always catch me with a smile on my face! I love to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. I have loved every day of working here at Woodland and im so excited for my future here! Thank you for bringing us your pets for us to love and take care of!

Jade Pace, Registered Veterinary Technician, Care Pair with Dr. Barranco, Technician Team Lead

I decided to become a veterinary technician because I’ve always loved animals and I thought it seemed like an enjoyable and fulfilling career. I graduated from Tulsa Community College’s veterinary technician program in 2014. I came to Woodland in May of 2013 for a school internship and was hired shortly after.
I love dogs, specifically dachshunds and senior pets. My hobbies include watching formula one racing and playing video games. I currently live in Tulsa with my boyfriend and our 2 dachshunds. I love working at Woodland West because of the compassion the whole team has, and our fun work environment. I enjoy getting to use the technical skills I learned in school and constantly learning new things on the job.

Leah Page, Registered Veterinary Technician, Care Pair with Dr. Kimberly Clark

I started working at Woodland West in 2019. I was placed here during my practicum for the Vet Tech program and never left. Everyone has become like family to me. I graduated from TCC and then became an RVT in 2020. I acquired 2 art degrees before going into Vet Tech, even though I have known since I was a child that I wanted to work with animals. I love working with all the furbabies that come in. However, boxers will always be my favorite.
My husband’s name is Nick. We have 3 children together plus my bonus son Colby. I have 2 dogs: Apollo (pictured) and Zeus, and a cat named Penelope. As you could imagine my days are pretty busy. When I do have free time I like to do anything crafty or play video games.

Madison Davis, Care Pair with Dr. Miller








McKenna Sutter, Registered Veterinary Technician, Care Pair with Dr. Monaghan

Hello, my name is McKenna and I am from Bartlesville. I chose Vet Med because I grew up with animals and always loved learning and watching my vets work and I love learning about medicine. My goal as a treatment tech is to become a Registered Veterinary Technician!

Mollie Barnes, Registered Veterinary Technician, Care Pair with Dr. Jones

Mollie graduated from TCC in 2017. She is Dr. Jones” RVT. Mollie has a heart of gold and isn’t afraid of much! She is a lover of all things Pekingese and Disney. Mollie comes in with a smile every day and sets such a good example of what an RVT should be. She is so good at what she does! We are so lucky to have such a kind-hearted person like Mollie to work with every day. Mollies spirit animal is a chicken or a Pekingese top of the pecking order, fearless, friendly, and adorable sweet face. 🐓🐾❣️

Kelsey Wagoner, Registered Veterinary Technician/ Triage Technician

I started working at Woodland two years ago and have enjoyed every second of it. With all of my amazing coworkers, I’ve been able to grow and learn so much here. Though I tend to be the butt of everyone’s jokes I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to work with animals. They’re just precious angels and I love that I get to help them every day. I have a soft spot for Australian shepherds and cats due to the fact that I own an Australian shepherd (Kairi) and that my best friend is my cat Gryffin. In my free time, you can find me reading a book, binge-watching my newest obsession, and/or playing video games



Shelby Scott, Registered Veterinary Technician, Lead Treatment Technician

Hi! My name is Shelby and I have been with Woodland West for 7 whole years! My job as a treatment technician is to take care of hospitalized pets and make sure they are getting the love and care that they would receive at home. I am extremely blessed to have been awarded Employee of the Year for 2021. My favorite thing about working here is getting to live my dream of working with cute little animals next to all of my best friends. Along with my soon-to-be husband, we have 2 dogs: Macy and Netflix, 2 cats: Taco and Lil Pea, and our turtle tribe: Pete, Patròn Silver, Hank, Hugo, and Barney. In my free time, you can catch me sipping on a margarita and hanging out with family and friends.


Shayna Browning, Care Pair with Dr. Thomason

Hi, I’m Shayna! I recently graduated from the TCC vet tech program in May. I knew at a young age that I wanted to work in vet med because I am super passionate about advocating for the voiceless. I have only been at Woodland West for a short time but I have already fallen in love with the clinic. I have two cats, Toulouse and Simba, who are very much spoiled. I enjoy working with all animals but I would love to specialize in exotics eventually. I’m excited to learn and grow as a technician.







Kinsey Pile, Level III/Triage Assistant

Holli Steinsiek, Overnight Treatment Assistant

Monique Garcia, Level III Treatment Assistant


Hi there! I’m Monique! I’m new to the Tulsa area and Woodland West family. I came from west Texas where I received my bachelor’s in Animal Science! I worked in veterinary emergency medicine and fell in love with helping furbabies! I am currently working toward getting my BSN where I will make the switch to human medicine. I enjoy working at Woodland because everyone is so kindhearted! When I’m not working you can find me studying, window shopping with my boyfriend, or napping with my furbabies. I have a 8 year old Shiba Inu named Tenshi and a 3 year old mutt girl that I adopted named Olive.


Victoria Jefferson, Overnight Treatment Assistant









Haille Hutchinson, RVT, Triage Technician

Lynzie Schonfield, Level III Treatment Assistant, RVT Student